Josephine Munsey Wallpaper Launch

Tom Coley  |  April 2021
Josephine Munsey Wallpapers

Josephine is an insanely talented wallpaper and fabric designer that has designed some of the top-selling designs for Cole and Son, and Designers Guild.

Just like us, Josephine's business was born from the COVID pandemic, and she decided to launch her company during the third UK lockdown We are delighted to be working with Josephine as she launches her range of fantastic wallpapers. You can find her full launch collection here.

All her designs are meticulously hand-drawn and hand-painted in her beautiful Stroud studio, before being digitally recreated on high quality, non-woven substrates. Some of these designs have taken up to a month to paint. Josephine concentrates on the detail and works hard to translate that onto the digitally printed wallpapers.

If you fall in love with a particular design but would prefer a different colourway, that's not a problem. Simply get in touch and working together with Josephine we can arrange for a custom colourway to match any scheme.

We have all 6 designs from Josephine's launch collection available and look forward to showing you more of her exquisite work as we continue to work together moving forward. Head on over to to learn more about Josephine.

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