We are Tom and Sarah

a husband and wife duo with a huge passion for interior design and all things homely, we are so happy to meet you here at Barley Interiors.

Working together, doing what we love, has been a dream of ours ever since we met nearly ten years ago.

We came up with the name almost immediately, during late night discussions of how our future may look, merging our surnames as they were before we married: Barker and Coley.

Ta-da – Barley Interiors was born.... At least in our minds for the time being.

A few homes, Degrees, the birth of our adorable tornado, Harriet, and a couple of career changes later it’s now 2020 and we’re finally here. Barley Interiors is our small, family-run business that is home to a collection of unique and beautifully hand-crafted, yet affordable, furniture.

Honestly, we could not be more excited to be able to introduce ourselves to you.

Tom Coley | Founder & Managing Director

Tom Coley

Founder & Managing Director

I’m the husband part of the husband-wife duo, and since I was a kid I’ve been coming up with ideas and designs for all sorts of enterprises.

My skills are focused around multi-media design, marketing and software development, having spent the last twenty years working on multiple eCommerce (online retailer) platforms and design spaces.

More recently I’m back to my previous love of woodworking. I’m creative and logical so designing functional pieces is right up my street!

In my downtime you can catch me waving my arms around the living room, slicing blocks with virtual Lightsabers or strumming my guitar in collaboration with Harriet.

Admittedly, she totally carries me.

Sarah Coley | Founder & Creative Lead

Sarah Coley

Founder & Creative Lead

As well as being a wife and mummy, I am a multi-disciplined designer and 3D digital artist. I’m a professional Residential and Commercial Interior Designer, holding a Masters’ with Distinction in Future Design. I am also SBID accredited (which means I’m up to date and full to the brim on all things design related!)

I take pride in designing spaces that are more than just aesthetically beautiful: I create spaces that increase efficiency and lift your mood. It’s a philosophy, as much as anything, and design is always on my mind.

I’m often found in the office, peeking out of the forest of leafy green plants that surround me, and staring simultaneously at three screens. On occasion I’ll break away to kick out the high legs with Harriet to her favourite dance tune. And, before you raise your eyebrow, I didn’t say I do it well…

Harriet Coley | Muse & Inspiration

Harriet Coley

Muse & Inspiration

Our tornado is eight years old and already following in our footsteps.

She’s a professional Mess-Maker and is also our muse and inspiration.

She is constantly testing our patience with her incessant inquisitions but blowing our minds with the way her own mind works, too.

She’s inherited her Mummy and Daddy’s love of design and home furnishings, rearranging her bedroom on several occasions, and more recently designing her latest layout with mood boards and 3D digital plans (with a little help from Mummy!).

When she’s not dancing around the living room singing expressively to Frozen 2 or turning couch cushions into trampolines, you’ll find her building the most exquisite mansions in Minecraft!

After reassessing our work/life balance during the Covid pandemic, we decided as a family that it was time to make some substantial changes and start doing what we love for a living. Bringing to the forefront our passion for design of home comforts and functionality, we proudly present to you Barley Interiors.

We’ve been able to combine both our individual expertise and passions to bring you a collection of unique and beautifully hand-crafted, yet affordable furniture, that will not only look perfect in your home, but that you’ll love to use for many years to come. Although if you’ve a tornado like ours, we can’t guarantee they’ll always look quite so elegant, though they will grow to become even more unique! And, if you’ve a design of your own in mind, we’re happy to commission bespoke pieces – lovingly created specifically for you.

Oh, and whilst you’re here, check out our blog pages – there’s more from us, handy tips and advice on how to make the most out of the space your home offers, and guest posts from experts in the Design and Interiors field.

We’re grateful you found us – and we’re sure you’ll feel the same in no time. But if not, or there’s something we’ve missed, please let us know and drop us a note from the Contact Us page.

It really is a pleasure to meet you!

Sarah, Tom and Harriet. xx

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